Power Whitening Gel

Maximum whitening Power

CAD 89.99

Maximum whitening power with the Smilepen Power Whitening Gel! Together with experts we have developed the strongest teeth whitening gel with PAP, for up to 14 shades of whiter teeth in 7 days. Clinically tested and with scientifically confirmed effect.

The Power Whitening Gel set also serves as a refill pack of the Smilepen Power Whitening Kit and can be used with or without the Smilepen LED Accelerator. The whitening gels can of course also be used “on the go”, as they fit comfortably in any handbag, and the gel is transparent.

How to use

The treatment, developed by dentists, takes only 15 minutes each and is gentle and simple.

Only a few steps and a few days bring you to your goal of radiant white teeth:

  1. Start by cleaning your teeth with a toothbrush.
  2. You can now apply a thin layer of the Power Whitening Gel directly onto your teeth without touching the gums.
  3. Place the Smilepen Whitening Accelerator in your mouth and start the timer.
  4. After just 15-30 minutes of action (the longer, the brighter), remove the LED lamp and rinse your mouth with water. That’s it! You can now enjoy your white teeth.
  5. Repeat the process everyday for 7-14 days.



Thanks to the strongest teeth whitening gel, your teeth will shine up to 70% whiter in just a few days. It also strengthen your teeth with our active ingredients hydroxyapatite, papain and bromelain for stronger and less sensitive teeth.

For a long-lasting, beautiful and radiant white smile, we recommend a small monthly boost of 2-4 treatments with the Power Whitening Gel from Smilepen and the WaveLight LED Accelerator.

  • Extra strong gel
  • Clinically tested
  • Developed by dentists

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