Introducing the Smilepen difference.


At Smilepen, we believe in celebrating oral beauty. Our products are designed with the most innovative technologies to empower you with a brilliant smile.

Developed by dentists - loved by customers.

Discover the revolutionary technology behind Smilepen’s PAP Power Whitening formula and how it is transforming smiles.

A new era of teeth whitening

Up to 70% whiter teeth

Smilepen’s whitening products come with the active ingredient PAP that offers remarkable whitening results, brightening your teeth by up to an impressive 70%. This sets a new standard in teeth whitening effectiveness, surpassing traditional peroxide-based products.

PAP Power Formula

Going beyond, Smilepen has innovated an exceptional blend. The pioneering composition, called PAP power formula, not only ensures strongest teeth whitening but also fortifies the tooth structure and protects the gum.

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