Make up for your smile

CAD 39.99

Experience impressive, instant results with Instasmile from Smilepen!

Dreaming of a dazzling white smile that catches the eye? Instasmile from Smilepen is your personal Instagram filter for your teeth, making your teeth whitening an effortless, lightning-fast experience. Our innovative colour correction technology uses the principle of complementary colours to give your teeth a radiant glow in just 10 seconds. Instasmile is a temporary whitening filter  for your teeth that gives a whiter look for up to 5 hours.


What makes Instasmile so special?

By applying a purple shade to your teeth, we effectively balance out yellow tones. This principle is based on the complementary colour theory, which has proven to be extremely effective. With Instasmile, you can effortlessly achieve instant and impressive results without the pain or hassle of traditional teeth whitening treatments.


Your path to a perfect smile has never been easier!

Prepare for the smile of your dreams and boost your confidence with Instasmile from Smilepen. Experience the transformation of your teeth and enjoy impressive, instant whitening – without the traditional hassle.


How to use

  1. First, clean teeth with a regularl toothpaste.
  2. Two pumps of the the Instasmile whitening serum onto your toothbrush and brush your teeth using gentle, circular strokes.
  3. After brushing, spit out the product and rinse your mouth to remove any remaining formula.
  • Instant White Effect Technology
  • Pain-free & easy
  • Up to 70% Whiter Teeth

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